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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Learning Amish Way of Leaving

Pictures from Basia’s visit to Pennsylvania; Amish Farm closer to the end
Ethnography - descriptive of social life and culture in a particular social system based on detailed observations of what people actually do. It is a research method that is used by sociologists often when studying groups, organizations, and communities that are a part of a larger complex society, such as religious cults, ethnic neighborhoods, or urban gangs.
More about Amish

„Wakacyjny Uśmiech” - Nagroda Główna/ “Summer Smile” - Grand Prize for Barbara Basia Panko

Summer Joke by Basia Panko
Wakacyjny dowcip Basi Panko
W dniu 23 września 2015 r. w Muzeum Karykatury im. Eryka Lipińskiego odbyło się posiedzenie Jury konkursu plastycznego dla dzieci „Wakacyjny uśmiech”.
Basia za swoją pracę otszymała nagrodę główną.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Basia's First Day of Autumn in The Bronx ZOO

Basia enjoyed her First Day of Autumn in The Bronx ZOO.

It was a great opportunity to go through associated vocabulary, language and geography.
Definition: autumn 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Poland is Beautiful – Summer 2015 Memories

Once we are back to the routine we go through the pictures and our memories from Poland. See Basia’s Trip to Poland, 2015